Here’s the Latest from Me

  • What I’ve been reading this year
    These are some thoughts on the books that I’ve read so far in 2020. My wife and I moved our family of five across the country in the middle of a global pandemic, ongoing racial justice issues, and political polarization. […]
  • Where We’ve Walked
    Our almost seven-year-old, five-year-old, and three-year-old just got settled in front of the TV, and I just took my first deep breath this morning. They’re watching PBS Kids, which feels better than letting them binge on the kid section of […]
  • Do Not Be Afraid
    For the last three months, I’ve read and re-read the New Testament, and what sits with me now is that one of Jesus’ most common refrains is “do not be afraid.” For much of this separation, I have choked on […]
  • Calculation and Codependency
    This separation has been a ripe time for me to explore myself and has pulled back the curtain on many things in my heart. I’m starting to build a more lasting type of strength, and catch glimpses of God’s mercy […]
  • Savoring Hard Truths and Working with My Hands
    As my separation with Jess continues, I have noticed myself seeking solitude more than I would have expected. I need to talk sometimes, but there has been something savory about being alone lately. I have more room to think, feel, […]